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Welcome to OWH’s Slot Car Shop!

Slot Car RacingI’ve hand picked a number of slot car related items that may not normally be carried or available from most local slot car raceways, to be available here at OWH’s Slot Car Shop.

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Whenever possible, I urge you to support your local slot car raceway! Your local raceway can provide you with the slot cars, parts, and supplies needed to race on the tracks at your local raceway – and by making your purchase there, you are doing your part to help cover the costs of housing and maintaining the tracks and providing a place to race!

Your purchases through OWH’s Slot Car Shop will help to support Old Weird Herald & Slot Car Talk!

However, there are often times when your local raceway does not carry certain items that may be hard to find otherwise, or are not normally available through slot car raceways. Many tools & supplies may be available from other sources or locally, but may be hard to find. I have selected some of these items that may be useful to slot car racers.

In many other cases, there may not be a slot car raceway near you, so a 1/32, 1/43, or HO scale track at home may be an excellent way to enjoy the hobby. I have selected a number of slot car racing sets, cars, parts and supplies for the home slot car enthusiasts as well.

Welcome Race Fans Giant BannerI have also included many auto racing themed items for decorating birthday parties, as well as racing decor for your “man-cave” or racing themed room.

I will continue to add items that I feel might be of interest to fellow slot car enthusiasts.

Please enjoy browsing through my online store, as well as The Old Weird Herald, and OWH’s Slot Car Talk forums!

Thank you!

Paul Kassens
Old Weird Herald / Slot Car Talk / Slot Car Shop

The Pitsco 24451 AirTech Scout Wind Tunnel measures frontal drag on CO2 model dragsters with built-in instrumentation for accurate, repeatable measurements, has a variable wind speed from 0 to 40 miles per hour, and has a fog injection system for...

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The American Educational 649 Wind Tunnel visually demonstrates aerodynamic flow on model wings and other small objects for students in grades 6-12. An air intake grill creates laminar air flow around the item in the chamber during testing. Small...

$262.49 as at 13:20 UTC. (Details)

Many of your students have flown in airplanes, or know someone who has. Few, if any of them, understand the principles of lift. The idea that an object denser than air can fly is so difficult to grasp that many people initially thought the Wright...

$80.93 as at 14:03 UTC. (Details)

Swiffer Sweeper dry sweeping cloth refills have deep textured ridges that TRAP + LOCK dirt, dust, hair & allergens* to keep your floors clean and free of debris. Use with Swiffer Sweeper, Swiffer Sweep+Vac and Swiffer Sweep+ Trap. *common...

$8.97 as at 11:27 UTC. (Details)

TRACKPRO - CONTOUR is a revolutionary slot car track cleaning system comprised of a track cleaning device that is pushed by a slot car to wipe dust and debris from the track surface, conductors and slot. Now track cleaning is as easy as driving a...

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Slot-It 1/32 slot car Porsche 962C KH No.17 Parallel import goods 1/32 slot car Sports Digital Konpachiburu model By attaching a digital chip SP12, it will be capable of running in the skating Rex digital track Shipped from...

$164.00 as at 11:32 UTC. (Details) 1/32 slot car Lancia LC2 # 29 Parallel import goods 1/32 slot car Lancia LC2 # 29 WSC Nurburgring 198 Inline reverse Shipped from...

$180.30 as at 11:32 UTC. (Details) 1/32 slot car Porsche (Porsche) 911 GT1 EVO 98 FIA GT Donington Park Parallel import goods 1/32 slot car Shipped from...

$202.40 as at 11:32 UTC. (Details)

Slot-I 1/32 slot car McLAREN (McLaren) F1 GTR Le Mans 1997 # 44 Parallel import goods 1/32 slot car Shipped from...

$209.50 as at 11:32 UTC. (Details)

Slot-It 1/32 slot car cabin Nissan R90V No.85 Parallel import goods 1/32 slot car Shipped from...

$190.20 as at 11:32 UTC. (Details)

It's shipped off from Japan.Parallel import...

$154.70 as at 11:32 UTC. (Details)

It's shipped off from Japan.Parallel import...

$204.20 as at 11:32 UTC. (Details) Ford GT40 LeMans 1968...

$60.99 as at 11:32 UTC. (Details)

This is a 1/32 limited edition Analog Slot carAnglewinder...

$50.00 as at 11:32 UTC. (Details)

1/32 Slot.It Slot Cars - Jaguar XJR-6 - No. 51;SLOT.ITReady to run on all 1/32 and 1/24 scale non-digital...

$69.99 as at 11:32 UTC. (Details)

This Freakin' Slot Car Racing Sports Hobby Funny Worn Look T Shirt is North American made on pre-shrunk 100% cotton. The graphics in this custom made, quality tee are colorfast and don't fade or crack. Give it as a gift!100%...

$19.97 as at 11:32 UTC. (Details)