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  • $41.99

    Brand new professional Airbrushing Kit at an unbeatable price. Perfect for commercial arts, illustration, photo retouching, temporary tattoos, cake decorating, crafts, hobbies and any other airbrushing items.
    Come with a portable air compressor, dual-action gravity feed air brush, nozzle spanner, eye dropper, and air hose. Save much more time than handmade drawing and excellent for your spray painting business.
    One Air Filter and one Air Brush Holder can help you to make better spraying conveniently for Free Gift!

  • $14.99

    True Diaphragm Mini Regulator with Gauge and Water Trap Filter plus a Master Airbrush How To Airbrush Booklet
    Improve your Airbrushes Performance by using this Regulator for Accurate, Moisture-Free Airflow!
    MASTER AIRBRUSH Brand. The regulator provides the user full control of operating air pressure

  • Sale!

    Highly efficient, replaceable three-stage filter design and spray guard hood
    Combines low cost with high efficiency for small spaces
    15-Inch-by-30-Inch work surface for flat or 3-D objects up to 13-Inch-by-28-Inch

  • $26.24

    Connect the airbrush to the air compressor with this hose
    Includes 10-foot hose
    Airbrush is not included

  • $11.46

    Unique home decor
    Suitable to use as a decorative item
    This product is manufactured in United States

  • $124.05

    The Model 200-1 Set contains 200NH single action airbrush with general purpose Medium (M) nozzle/needle (.75millimeter) sprays 1/32-inch(.8 millimeter) to 2 ½-inch(63millimeter) spray pattern; jar, protective cap, extra jar with cover, wrench, and manual.
    Top choice for the model painter or decorative stenciler looking for the ease of single action; internal mix, siphon (bottom) feed airbrush
    The Model 200 will spray inks, dyes, watercolors, gouaches, properly reduced acrylics, fabric paints, modeling paints, automotive lacquers and enamels, most ceramic stains and glazes, Air-Tex, SpectraTex, Air-Opaque and MODELflex airbrush colors

  • $69.53

    The new Model 105-2XR “Patriot Arrow” is a dual action gravity feed airbrush with a smaller color cup than the original Patriot; set includes an extra tip and instruction manual.
    The Patriot Arrow’s innovative precision design is enjoyed by detail-oriented crafters, artists, and hobbyists; Dual action, internal mix, gravity feed
    Single needle/nozzle (.75 millimeter) for spraying all Mediums, inks, dyes, watercolors, acrylics, enamels, lacquers, glazes, latex, Air-Opaque, Air-Tex, MODELflex, TotallyTattoo, and Totally Tan colors

  • $18.34

    Stock #121 paint mixer for use with 3/4-ounce, 1-ounce, 3-ounce, and 4-ounce Jars
    Thoroughly mixes all types of paint
    Evenly disperses pigment in its base material to assure consistent viscosity of paint from top of the bottle to the bottom

  • $122.44

    The Model 150-7 Airbrush Set includes the “classic” Model 150 airbrush with the fine (.22millimeter), medium (.50 millimeter), and large (.75 millimeter) needle/nozzles, air hose, color cup, and jars
    Badger’s legendary Model 150 has been appreciated by everyone from artists to taxidermists and auto customizers to furniture refinishers for over 30 years…. And still popular today; Dual action, internal mix, siphon (bottom) feed
    The Model 150 airbrush sprays properly reduced acrylics, acrylic enamels and lacquers, gouaches, fabric colors, watercolors, inks, dyes, Badger airbrush-ready paints including Air-Opaque, Air-Tex, MODELflex, TotallyTattoo and SpectraTex colors

  • $148.73

    The 200-20 Set contains the 200-20 fine detail airbrush with .50mm nozzle will produce a 1/32-inch line to 2 1/2-inch (63 millimeter). 1/4 ounce. color cup, jar w/ adaptor, extra jar, wrench, cap, instruction manual in plastic storage case
    Artists and graphic painters appreciate the Model 200-20, designed with the PPS paint flow adjusting system, enabling recurring accuracy in spray pattern and line control.
    The Model 200 will spray inks, dyes, watercolors, gouaches, properly reduced acrylics, fabric paints, modeling paints, automotive lacquers and enamels, most ceramic stains and glazes, Air-Tex, SpectraTex, Air-Opaque and MODELflex airbrush colors

  • $75.69

    The 200-8 Professional Ceramic Set features Badger’s Classic Model 200 airbrush; will easily spray a range of properly reduced paints and ceramic mediums; dual action, internal mix, siphon feed; -3/4-millimeter nozzle
    Ideal for spraying a wide variety of mediums including ceramic glazes, enamel, oil, acrylic, and airbrush ready colors
    Heavy duty braided air hose with its varying air source fitting can be used with either a compressor average 25-30 PSI for detail work a or can of Propel compressed air

  • $242.00

    Badger’s user-friendly Anthem Model 155 is a dual action, internal mix, siphon feed airbrush; comfortable, reliable; single needle/nozzle configuration will spray a pencil line to a 3-Inch (76 millimeter) pattern with its -3/4 millimeter nozzle
    Model 180-10 Whirlwind diaphragm compressor with on/off switch, never needs oil, 1/10 horsepower; operates at 30 PSI, portable weighs 9-Pound, suction cup-feet reduces compressor movement, 6 foot cord with 3 prong plug ETL Certification
    7- 1 -Ounce (30 milliliter) Air-Opaque Primary paint colors (red, yellow, blue, white, black, green, brown) preferred by artists who demand vibrant color and consistent results; organic pigments in water-based acrylic, non-toxic; quick drying