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  • $21.90

    Oil based, high gloss enamel for lettering and signs
    1 stroke coverage & superior flow for virtually no brush marks
    Can be applied with brush, roller, or spraygun

  • $15.99

    1 ROLL of 12 Inches x 20 Feet Roll Matte White Permanent Adhesive Vinyl. Vinyl MADE in USA
    DIMENSIONS: 12 Inches wide X 20 Feet long, Calendered 3 mil thickness. Durable for up to 5 years.
    VIVID COLOR: White – MATTE Finish

  • $5.67

    Protective top coat best used on fabrics and leather.
    CREATEX AIRBRUSH COLORS are ready to use Professional Grade Airbrush Colors of the Highest Quality.
    Createx uses only the finest pigments and the colors have a brightness and richness unmatched by others

  • $25.95

    APPLICATIONS: Woodworking – Woodcarvers will appreciate how well they remove the “fuzzies” without harming any of the underlying detail.

    3M RADIAL BRUSH BRISTLE DISCS BLUE 3/4″ 400 GRIT CLEAN and FINISH with BRISTLE BRUSH – PACK OF 12 – 400 GRIT Bristle Brushes- These are the unique 3M Radial Bristle Discs a new type of abrasive that is superior to sandpaper, flap wheels, or other types of sanders, brushes, or abrasive wheels. The 3M bristle materials are long lasting and very effective. The 3M Cubitron and aluminum oxide grains embedded throughout the plastic bristles make them very long lasting. Their flexible bristles can reach into areas with detail and irregular, curved, or flat surfaces. Bristle Discs can be stacked, use as many discs as needed on rotary miniature mandrels, use them like natural bristle brushes, without any compounds – which is already impregnated in the disc material. The different colors of discs designate the grade. Depending on the application, you will want to stack between three and six discs. The discs are very flexible, cool running, long lasting and provide a uniform finish.
    Jewelry & Crafts – Jewelers and Metalsmiths use the various grits of these discs, for cleaning, pre-polishing, metal surface Satin Texture finish and polishing of precious metals. Die & Mold Shops – Metal working when cleaning parts and molds, especially good on hard to polish materials like titanium and valplast. – Coarser grits can be used to clean and remove surface oxides, in carving and grinding,surface texture while finer grits will smooth, burnish and polish. – The 3M Cubitron and Aluminum Oxide grains embedded throughout the plastic bristles make them very long lasting. JETS Product # 1111-931400-12 Sale is for a pack of 12 Brushes Sale is for 12 Radial Bristle Discs ….Items are New – never used Mandrel is only to show bristles mounted.

  • $6.27

    One hammer with six functions; hardened steel with black oxide finish, solid brass & nylon
    Interchangeable threaded heads switch from one to style to another in seconds
    Blunt chisel tip, bull-nose round, ball peen, flat cylinder in steel & brass and flat nylon

  • $8.00

    Createx Airbrush Transparent Colors.
    Colors may be reduced and over-reduced in any ratio with 4012 Reducer.
    Transparent Colors most often work best over a light surface or base color such as Opaque White.

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    Adjustable organizer box
    Size:17.3cmX 10cmX 2.2cm(LxWxH)
    Material: Plastic

  • $11.95

    American crafts slick writers are the ideal marker for writing on any surface
    Slick writers feature quick-dry ink and a durable acrylic tip
    Package includes 3 black markers

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    Highly efficient, replaceable three-stage filter design and spray guard hood
    Combines low cost with high efficiency for small spaces
    15-Inch-by-30-Inch work surface for flat or 3-D objects up to 13-Inch-by-28-Inch

  • $33.48

    Connect the airbrush to the air compressor with this hose
    Includes 10-foot hose
    Airbrush is not included

  • $10.00

    Unique home decor
    Suitable to use as a decorative item
    This product is manufactured in United States

  • $145.29

    The Model 200-1 Set contains 200NH single action airbrush with general purpose Medium (M) nozzle/needle (.75millimeter) sprays 1/32-inch(.8 millimeter) to 2 ½-inch(63millimeter) spray pattern; jar, protective cap, extra jar with cover, wrench, and manual.
    Top choice for the model painter or decorative stenciler looking for the ease of single action; internal mix, siphon (bottom) feed airbrush
    The Model 200 will spray inks, dyes, watercolors, gouaches, properly reduced acrylics, fabric paints, modeling paints, automotive lacquers and enamels, most ceramic stains and glazes, Air-Tex, SpectraTex, Air-Opaque and MODELflex airbrush colors