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  • $7.26

    The collet features small identification rings around its shank
    Collets are compatible with 225 flex-shaft attachment

  • $138.80

    Clear display cases are made with thick 1/4″ acrylic. VEHICLES PICTURED ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH DISPLAYS. Crystal clear means high visibility and mirrored back gives a better view. Approximate dimensions: overall dimensions L-18.75, W-12.875, H-5.875. Front panel opens for easy access with magnetic closure for a secure display. Stackable and wall mountable cases include mounting screws and screw covers for that clean invisible look.
    Designed to hold 10 die-cast or model cars of many styles and brands – race cars, muscle cars, antique cars, exotics.

  • $57.99

    • 1:64 Scale
    • Includes Neodymium Magnets
    • 100% Compatible with Tomy and AFX Sets

  • $24.95

    HO Thunderjet race car. Classic pancake design chassis. Now with a
    neodymium magnet for better traction and handling. Bodies attach with
    two screws. Stock Cars of yesterday brought back to life in this

  • $39.99

    Connect the airbrush to the air compressor with this hose
    Includes 10-foot hose
    Airbrush is not included

  • $10.50

    Unique home decor
    Suitable to use as a decorative item
    This product is manufactured in United States

  • $19.03

    Stock #121 paint mixer for use with 3/4-ounce, 1-ounce, 3-ounce, and 4-ounce Jars
    Thoroughly mixes all types of paint
    Evenly disperses pigment in its base material to assure consistent viscosity of paint from top of the bottle to the bottom

  • $84.25

    The Model 150-7 Airbrush Set includes the “classic” Model 150 airbrush with the fine (.22millimeter), medium (.50 millimeter), and large (.75 millimeter) needle/nozzles, air hose, color cup, and jars
    Badger’s legendary Model 150 has been appreciated by everyone from artists to taxidermists and auto customizers to furniture refinishers for over 30 years…. And still popular today; Dual action, internal mix, siphon (bottom) feed
    The Model 150 airbrush sprays properly reduced acrylics, acrylic enamels and lacquers, gouaches, fabric colors, watercolors, inks, dyes, Badger airbrush-ready paints including Air-Opaque, Air-Tex, MODELflex, TotallyTattoo and SpectraTex colors

  • $119.50

    The 200-20 Set contains the 200-20 fine detail airbrush with .50mm nozzle will produce a 1/32-inch line to 2 1/2-inch (63 millimeter). 1/4 ounce. color cup, jar w/ adaptor, extra jar, wrench, cap, instruction manual in plastic storage case
    Artists and graphic painters appreciate the Model 200-20, designed with the PPS paint flow adjusting system, enabling recurring accuracy in spray pattern and line control.
    The Model 200 will spray inks, dyes, watercolors, gouaches, properly reduced acrylics, fabric paints, modeling paints, automotive lacquers and enamels, most ceramic stains and glazes, Air-Tex, SpectraTex, Air-Opaque and MODELflex airbrush colors

  • $146.85

    Enjoyed by a wide variety of airbrush enthusiasts, crafters, hobbyists, cake decorators, artists, taxidermists
    Will spray all materials, acrylics to watercolors, inks to lacquers, Air-Opaque, Air-Tex, SpectraTex, MODELflex, and Totally Tattoo airbrush paints
    Patented rotational seal allows airbrush to perform in gravity feed as well as siphon feed mode

  • $34.65

    Stock #50-054 Air regulator features a compressor regulator with gauge and moisture trap
    Improve your airbrush performance by using this regulator for accurate moisture free air flow
    Provides the user full control of air pressure

  • $7.71

    Stock #51-038 quick disconnect male fitting
    Designed for use with any Badger/Thayer and Chandler airbrush
    To be used with Badger braided air hose stock # 50-2018