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  • $28.99

    Give vector the space he deserves. Vector is a revolutionary robot companion made to help out and hang out.
    Vector space Gives vector a perch to observe any room and the perfect stage to perform.
    Vector space holds vector’s charger so he can relax, recharge, and be ready for action when you need him.

  • $16.99

    Hermitshell Hard Travel Storage Carrying Case
    Protect your favorite device from bumps dents and scratches
    Made to fit Anki Vector Robot

  • $499.99

    Vector is a companion made to hang out and help out. Powered by ai and advanced robotics, he’s alive with personality and engaged by sight, sound, and touch.
    Vector is voice-activated and will answer questions, take photos for you, time dinner, show you the weather, and more. Voice features are currently English language only.
    If you choose to set up Alexa on your vector, you’ll be able to: set reminders, control smart home devices like lights, speakers, and thermostats, and so much more.