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    Createx 5618-4Z CREATEX CLEANERS
    CREATEX AIRBRUSH COLORS are ready to use Professional Grade Airbrush Colors of the Highest Quality
    Createx uses only the finest pigments and the colors have a brightness and richness unmatched by others

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    Createx Airbrush Transparent Colors.
    Colors may be reduced and over-reduced in any ratio with 4012 Reducer.
    Transparent Colors most often work best over a light surface or base color such as Opaque White.

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    Createx Fluorescent Airbrush Colors are bright, vivid neon colors which emit light (fluoresce). Fluorescent colors are very transparent, best applied over a white background
    Suitable for a wide range of surfaces: textile, glass, canvass, leather, plastic, Wood and more. For increased adhesion and durability, mix with Createx 4030 Mix Additive – Intercoat
    Permanent and wash-fast on textiles after heat curing. Compatible with a wide variety of clear types including urethane, enamel and lacquer

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    Specialty reducer for use when panting in humid or cold conditions. Compatible with Createx Illustration Colors, Wicked Colors, Auto Air Colors and candy2o
    Colors dry faster, cure to harder coating and flow more like solvent-based paints compared to reducing with 4012 High Performance Reducer
    4020 Reducer can be mixed with 4012 Reducer to create a mix with the right balance of solvent so colors flow, dry quickly but do not seed in the airbrush cup

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    A premium reducer for thinning water-based paint. Allows for decreased drying and curing times as well as improved flow with less tip-dry
    Mix with paint in any ratio to achieve desired viscosity and transparency. Non-reactive
    For use with all Createx Colors paints. Store paint bottles air-tight after mixing

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    Candy2o are true candy colors Made with aniline dyes which are 100Percent transparent. Apply over or mix with any Createx pearlescent and metallic colors for incredible custom creations
    Set includes 2oz. Bottles each: blood red, Tequila yellow, Grabber orange, marine blue, poison Green, 4030 intercoat
    For use with airbrush and spray-gun. Concentrate in bottle, mix with 4030 intercoat to create durable acrylic-urethane paint mix. Thin with 4012 or 4020 Reducer for best spray viscosity

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    Water-based cleaner for use as a rinse in between colors while painting. To clean airbrush and spray-gun after use of dried paint, use create 4008 restorer
    Create airbrush cleaner not recommended when 4030 intercoat is mixed with Createx Colors paints for flow enhancement and improved adhesion & durability. Instead use 4012 high performance reducer to rinse
    Create airbrush cleaner works as an excellent reducer/thinner for createx airbrush colors

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    Quick drying, primer sealer for use as starting Foundation for any Createx Colors paint with excellent adhesion to any surface including plastic, Wood, aluminum, glass and more
    Sealer white is a clean, brilliant white that covers quickly without chalking or edge-mapping after drying
    Dries to a Matte finish that is water-resistant and very durable

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    Lightfast, durable transparent colors suitable for airbrushing most any surface from automotive & hard surface to canvas, paper and models.
    Colors atomize finely even below 10psi; thin as needed with 4012 High Performance Reducer. Colors soft erase after first 48 hours then cure to a hard coating. Reduce with 4020 Automotive Reducer for solvent-like spray performance & fast drying.
    Createx Illustration Colors atomize finely for superior detailed performance while allowing for re-wettable and soft-erasing techniques.

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    Perfect for painting latex models, Halloween masks and resin kits
    Developed by renowned special effects artists Tim Gore
    Prevents paint from chipping, cracking, flaking off when painting latex masks and other flexible surfaces

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    Creates a Matte Finish
    For Textile & Light Hobby Applications
    Water-Based & Non-Toxic